The White House Is Preparing for a Chinese EMP Attack

Thursday, November 5, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
05 Nov, 2015

It is counterintuitive to believe that the Chinese would ever launch an EMP attack upon Taiwan or the United States for that matter. My closest colleagues believe that the Chinese would not destroy the power grid of a country that they own the country’s debt. My colleagues reason that China needs an intact America from which to collect its debt and therefore, no EMP attack is forthcoming. On the surface, I agree with my colleagues’ logic, but no matter how many times I dismiss the possibility of the use of EMP weapons by China, I keep finding strong evidence to the contrary.

In the last couple of days, Lisa Haven has been writing about how the Obama administration is practicing for a grid down scenario that involves the White House. This is yet, another confirmation of the fact that we are about to be hit by an EMP. Now Lisa, believes that any grid down scenario will result from natural solar flare forces and it might. However, the evidence continues to point in the direction of a controlled event resulting in the the use of EMP weapons on the United States and possibly Taiwan. The Chinese have their fingerprints all over this scenario. And as will be revealed, a total grid down scenario need not take place for the Chinese to target specific facilities through their development of localized EMP weapons.

Declassified Intelligence Reports Reveal the Chinese First Strike EMP Option

A declassified intelligence report, obtained by the private National Security Archive, provides details on China’s EMP weapons as well as the plans for their use.

The report details how much of China’s military is developing EMP weapons that the Chinese plan to use against targeted U.S. aircraft carriers with regard to any future conflict over Taiwan. Parts of the National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of what China refers to as the “assassin’s mace”. This arsenal of EMP weapons allows a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces while leaving much of the surrounding infrastructure intact. The report further states “For use against Taiwan, China could detonate at a much lower altitude (30 to 40 kilometers) … to confine the EMP effects to Taiwan and its immediate vicinity and minimize damage to electronics on the mainland.”

The once labeled “top secret ” report, revealed that Chinese military writings have emphasized the importance of building low-yield EMP warheads. The report said that future Chinese EMP weapons should emphasize developing “any low-yield strategic nuclear warhead (or tactical nuclear warheads) could be used with similar effects. The DF-21 medium-range ballistic missile was prominently mentioned as a platform for the EMP attack against a country such as Taiwan”. Of course, this strategy has definitive applicability in its use against the United States.

According to the report, this “trump card” or “assassin’s mace” weapons that are based on new technology, has been developed in high secrecy. Trump card would be applicable if the Chinese have developed new low-yield, possibly enhanced, EMP warheads, while assassin’s mace would apply if older warheads are employed, the report said.

The Chinese Are Producing EMP Weapons Which Target Humans

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