How To Hide A Hyperinflation, Part II…”This is not legitimate. This is not a market. It is more, systemic crime.”

Monday, November 2, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Sprott Money

Part I of this series began to address a seeming paradox. As explained and defined in that initial installment, by mathematical/economic definition, the Federal Reserve has already hyperinflated the U.S. dollar – past tense. Yet the consequence of that hyperinflation of the money supply (spiraling prices/a plunge to worthlessness for the USD) has yet to materialize.

It was explained that one part of this paradox is the historic lag in time which has been observed, between when a currency becomes fundamentally worthless from a monetary standpoint, and the time the currency sees its actual exchange-rate plunge to zero. This is the “confidence gap”: the length of time in which the Chumps can continue to be deluded into using this worthless currency, and continue to assign it value.

The other half of this equation can be explained through various forms of fraud, deceit, and market manipulation. Two previous examples were already detailed: the fraudulent and systemic upward manipulation of the U.S. dollar, itself – a crime for which the Big Banks have now been criminally convicted. Concurrent with this demand for U.S. dollars is faked in global markets. Primarily this is done via massive/systemic fraud in the U.S. Treasuries market.

As noted in Part I, however, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. To start with, the U.S. government, like all Western governments, grossly falsifies its inflation statistic.

Food prices spiral higher at the fastest rate in our lifetime. Western real estate markets have been deliberately pumped-up to unprecedented/catastrophic bubble levels. In the case of the U.S. market, this deliberate bubble-blowing was interrupted by a five-year crash, before it too began to be re-inflated.

While this has been occurring, the shameless liars in government and media have been pretending that inflation is at near-zero levels. Indeed, these charlatans have the audacity to proclaim that inflation (i.e. price inflation) is “too low” – an economic impossibility.

Price-inflation represents the destruction in purchasing power of our currencies. It is a form of economic cancer, yet the charlatans insist that we don’t have enough of this cancer. Since delaying hyperinflation is a con/confidence issue, lying about inflation is an important tactic.

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