The World Stands On the Edge of World War III In Multiple Locations

Sunday, August 23, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
23 Aug, 2015

I cannot recall writing an article which has caused me so much consternation than this one. Last night as my family was returning from dining out near the beginning of twilight, I saw a gigantic cloud stretching endlessly upward and spreading out. It looked just like a mushroom cloud, the kind you would see following a nuclear explosion. Was this an ominous sign, or was this simply a case of personal projection of where my mind is presently at? I may never really know the answer for certain, however, this moment in time is reflective of where I believe the world is at in the present moment.

“History May Not Repeat, but It Sure Does Rhyme”

As I reflected on the historical importance and relevance of recent current events, I was reminded of Mark Twain’s famous saying about the replication of historical events and I believe that the times we find ourselves living in now, are reflective of the pre-World War I era.

World War I was characterized by an arms race, a race for currency dominance (i.e. during the early part of the 20th century, the race for control of resources manifested in a race for colonial dominance. Today, rld warthis is manifested through the attack on the Petrodollar by the BRICS), and a set of entangling alliances which all but guaranteed war if only two parties were in conflict.

The events of World War I were set into motion with the assassination of Austria-Hungary’s Archduke Francis Ferdinand by an unknown Serbian national. Austria-Hungary was allied with Germany. Serbia was allied with Russia, which was allied with Great Britain and France. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Today’s Possible “Archduke” Hot Spots

There is no shortage of places where the slightest spark could set off World War III, but there are a few leading candidates.

Any location where these is the presence of a military provocation
North and South Korea

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