The U.S. Will Not Escape The Upcoming UN Agenda – They Are Using Food As A Weapon For Their Depopulation Plans To Force Us Into FEMA, Prison & Extermination Camps, Just As They Said They Would!

Thursday, August 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
All News PipeLine
August 12, 2015

There are countless examples of food being used as a weapon against populations as well as high profile figures talking of mass depopulation and using food to control the masses. From those quotes linked above, to the ultimate goal of depopulating the earth to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 as shown on the Geogia Guidestones, to the projected decrease in the population forecast for the US in 2025 by 254 million people, according to, who used government sourced data – We see the U.S. will not escape the upcoming UN agenda.

What we have seen over the last years is massive price increases where records are being hit constantly, projections from the U.S. government showing that prices are expected to increase even more, food shortages and examples of what happens to a population when they go hungry, such as what we have seen in Venezuela over the past year.

At the end of this article readers will be asked to share their shopping experiences, what foods have increased dramatically in prices in their local stores, what items are harder to obtain, what products their stores seem to run out of faster than previous experiences…. the best way to accurately see what is happening in your neighborhood, your city is by hearing directly from you.

The ultimate UN and elite agenda is mass depopulation, but to get from point A to point B, we see a systematic use of food control has been implemented, which will be used to engineer famine that will provoke the people into looking to the government to feed them. People will willingly walk into FEMA camps if that is the only way to eat and feed their families. From there will it be just a matter of what “list” they are on, to determine whether they belong in the FEMA camps, the prison/reeducation camps, or the extermination camps.

Charts, graphs, projections and rising food prices show the U.S. is already seeing this agenda play out right before out very eyes.


Using the government’s own data we see that from October-December 2013 to October – December 2014, last updated May 2015, grocery store prices have increased by 3.5 percent, shown in the first chart below. Meats, seafood, eggs, fruits and dairy products have risen in price the most.

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