Facebook’s New Surveillance Software Provides Intel for “Snitch and Snatch” Jade Helm Extraction Program

Thursday, August 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
12 Aug, 2015

Techology is neutral. The same gun that is used to hunt for a life sustaining source of food, can be used to murder an innocent human being. Technology’s uses either used for the welfare of humanity or to the detriment of humanity.

I have been waiting for this new Facebook spy program come out publicly. In July, I learned that Facebook had instituted a new software program that ties directly into the new artificial intelligence programs connected to Jade Helm. Its purpose is to detect person(s) or groups who are a “threat to nation security” (i.e. not on board with the tyranny. And of course it is being rolled out under the name of the protecting the child.

Facebook to Provide Intel to Jade Helm and the National Surveillance State

As if you needed another reason to mistrust Facebook for its role in the police state national surveillance grid, there is one more reason to ditch facebook and look for an alternative site for social media such as unseen.

All in the name of keeping us safe, Facebook has introduced a new software program which is designed to browse postings and look for criminal activity. It works much the same way as the NSA as it looks for “criminal patterns” of behavior as discovered by key word searches conducted by a computer. As with the NSA, when a significant hit against a Facebook user is found, it alerts a human analyst, in Facebook’s case, a 21 year old mindless troll, who then makes a decision on whether to contact law enforcement.

The video, offered below, presents the notion of spying on Facebook users to be an good idea because RT presented a partial set of covert Facebook spying protocols in which child predators would be caught before they could carry out their heinous acts against children. This is an excellent starting point to get people to acquisce to the latest intrusion into one’s privacy because, of course, nobody is going to disagree that child predators need to be stopped.

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