‘One Last Grand Manipulation’ Coming – It Is Contrived And Controlled To Usher In The ‘Mark Of The Beast’ – Steve Quayle

Wednesday, August 5, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
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August 5, 2015

Published on August 4, 2015, SkyWatch TV is joined by author and researcher Steve Quayle who talks about the “one last grand manipulation” on the horizon.

Not only is Quayle and excellent author, but he has over three decades of experience in the precious metals industrywith Renaissance Precious Metals and he breaks down what investors are seeing in the “contrived and controlled” metals industry and explains clearly and concisely the ongoing manipulations that is paving the way to a one world currency and ultimately a cashless society, where every transaction is tracked and monitored…… unless it is something you are physically holding.

Via SkyWatch TV – “Gold and silver are dropping in price — 15% and 28% respectively over the last year — while the supply is drying up. How is that possible?”

Not only does Quayle answer that question, detailing the metals manipulation to date, but he expands on what is on the horizon, where are being herded to and the ultimate endgame.

The bottom line is that we are all being controlled, monitored, tracked and taken down a path where the only way to pay bills and feed our families, will be to take the mark of the beast “willingly.”

This is why experts such as Quayle have relentlessly hammered home the need to prepare, to own physical assets, to stockpile food, water and other basic necesseties, with Quayle highlighting in past interviews that if you only have a few hundred extra dollars, BUY FOOD with it.

I note that last bit because while listening to Quayles previous interview with Sheila Zilinsky, titled “God, Guns & Gold-Full Spectrum Attack -Steve Quayle,” at the end of the interview, Quayle states clearly “If someone is looking at their last four or five hundred dollars, everybody should be looking at food, food, food, because when the FEMA camps open the way people are going to be drawn into them or forced into them is because they are going to be hungry.”

Think about that for a second, when a precious metals dealer tells you straight up that if you only have X amount of money left, buy something other than what he is selling, that screams out the importance of preparing now for what is coming because when panic hits survival stores are going to be out of food fast and it will be too late.

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