Amazing Video Shows Grocery Store Completely Destroyed After All Hell Breaks Loose During Food Riots

Monday, August 3, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline
August 3, 2015

With Puerto Rico now on the financial hot seat in our own backyard after defaulting on some of their debt this weekend with more default on the way and a growing health care crisis to contend with, the shocking new videos below from Venezuela should be enough to turn every remaining ‘collapse skeptic’ in America into a prepper immediately as we see what happens when a socialist utopia paradise goes wrong.

These videos and the agonizing pictures below are some of the most dramatic that we’ve seen yet of what’s happening in Venezuela and will definitely give our readers an idea of what might happen here in America when it all comes crashing down. Is this why the militiary and government are preparing for something huge all across America?

With Executive Order 13603 already in place that will give Barack Obama, at the time of his choosing, COMPLETE CONTROL over ALL forms of energy, ALL forms of civil transportation, ALL usable water from ALL sources, ALL commodities and products capable of being ingested by humans or animals and ALL health resources, the pictures and videos below are a stark, IN OUR FACES warning about what happens when socialism fails.

In the first video, we see a supermarket in Venezuela that looks like a herd of bulls just got done rampaging in a China shop. Remember what happened in America when the EBT system went down for a short time? Imagine the scenes below in playing out in EVERY supermarket across the country. Let’s all pray it doesn’t come to this.

The 2nd video below absolutely numbs the mind…a food line for milk powder. Imagine having to go through that every day to get milk! The final video shows the streets of Venezuela which have now become a war zone. *WARNING: graphic footage.* More on what we’re watching unfold in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and around the world below videos including some mind boggling pictures that should put everything into perspective for all of us. We are truly blessed here in America now. Do these vids/pics show our future?

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