‘New Concertina Wire’ Fencing Around Closed Prison And Guard In Tower – Are Closed Prisons Going To Be Used As ‘FEMA Camps’? – Veteran Who Took Photos Followed By White Van

Sunday, June 21, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
All News PipeLine
June 21, 2015

ANP has been sent more original, new photos of the decomissioned Nevada State prison, from a concerned veteran who describes not only what he saw in the photos, but what occurred after he took the photos and concluded that “White vans seem to be a common denominator.” While researching we found another very strange occurrence that happened in 2014 at another closed prison, detailed in the article below.

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The photos themselves are of the supposedly “decommissioned” Nevada State Prison in Carson City, where our keen-eyed reader notes that he once lived close to this prison, and while driving past it recently decided to take some photos, which show “bright shiny new concertina wire both layered deep on the ground and along the top of the perimeter fencing.” The concerned vet also notes that in the photo a guard is seen in the guard tower.

Email shown below, along with one of the photos sent to ANP.

>A couple of things. I live near the old prison that was closed in C.C. years back. I had to give a friend a lift the other day, and the route took me right past it. we took some pics, and what really stood out was the bright shiny new concertina wire both layered deep on the ground and along the top of the perimeter fencing. Also, the sun was just right so that you can see a man in one of the dark tinted-window guard towers. I slowed to take the photos, so I know we were noticed. On the way home, on US 395, I was followed by a white Mercedes Van with markings of a flower shop. I looked up the flower shop later, and it does not exist. I made some erratic (but legal) lane changes to let the driver know I was aware, and he followed the first two, then broke off. I could get the name of the “flower shop” as it was written above the windshield visor. When the driver broke off, he did by making a sudden lane change, and turning into a residential street. My situational awareness meter was off the scale. (I am Veteran) I will attach the photos, they were taken with a 10 year old camera, but blow up well on the computer. In the guard tower shot you need to to see the man inside. Please bear in mind this is the old NV state prison, NOT the Warm Springs Correctional facility to the west of it.

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