Wednesday, June 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

June 10, 2015

The elusive, secretive Bilderberger Group is set to meet this week in Watford, England with plans to reportedly hand the “baton” of leadership on to Google. I recall back in 1999 first reading about the Bilderberg Group on an obscure conspiracy site now long gone. At that time, if you mentioned the Bilderberg Group or other leftist elite combines, you were considered insane. Indeed, even a few years ago, major news and so-called “conservative” news refused to mention Bilderberg, with neo-con talkmongers cowering to what they falsely consider capitalism. While it may be considered a good sign that Bilderberg is now appearing in mainstream news due to sites like Drudge and Infowars forcing the elite entity into public view, Bilderberg is still able to hide behind a mask of so-called capitalism.

When a football star goes to a strip club, it’s the top news story for a week: when the heads of international banking, government and industry meet in private with future candidates like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, it’s a media blackout, replete with scoffs and mockery when Bilderberg is mentioned. What generally occurs when large secretive cabals are exposed to the spotlight of public scrutiny is that the entity takes on a less formative role, continuing to function as a kind of debating society, while larger power plays are made at newer, secretive meetings. As longtime Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin has shown in his excellent The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, and in recent interviews, Bilderberg nowadays is now more of an errand gopher meeting of the global elite, while still retaining an important function.

The reason Bilderberg matters is that it is a great example of the shadow government’s existence. While the public thinks that their presidents and senators run their government, the truth is that entities like Bilderberg propose agendas for the Anglo-American establishment. But where did Bilderberg come from? David Rockefeller himself discusses Bilderberg and its origin in his famous Memoirs, writing:

“The conference had served a useful purpose, and the consensus was that we should meet again the following year under the continued chairmanship of Prince Bernhard. We also decided to call the gathering ‘Bilderberg” after the hotel in Oosterbeck where we had first assembled.” (Memoirs, citation).

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