(FlashBack)VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Syria or Russia or China)?

Friday, June 5, 2015
By Paul Martin


I imagine there is a great deal of frustration in Washington DC right now. Historically, the US Government gets out of these inevitable problems with the economy arising from Private Central Banks (in our case the Federal Reserve, which is no more Federal than Federal Express) by getting into a global war. Crash of 1907, “solve” the problem with WW1. Crash of 1929, “solve” the problem with WW2. Crash of 2008, “solve” the problem with WW3, which for all intents and purposes we have been engaged in for more than a decade. According to General Wesley Clark, the plan to conquer the world’s oil-producing nations and force them back to selling their oil (or other mineral resources) only for US dollars (as was the case with Iraq) , or to destroy any nation that refuses to allow a Private Central Bank to issue all public currency as a loan at interest (as was the case with Libya), was supposed to have ended in 2008 with the conquest of Iran. But six years after that original deadline, both Iraq and Libya are openly in rebellion against their US puppet regimes, Iran remains uninvaded, the United States is bankrupted, the world continues to turn away from the US dollar, and the American people are tired of seeing their sons and daughters’ pale and shattered forms shipped home in cheap metal boxes, killed in wars they no know were started for no other reason than to prop up Private Central Banking.

From the point of view of the warhawks, they have lost the initiative and need to find a way to reignite America’s lust for foreign blood, to fill the bankers’ pockets with foreign riches and domestic debt. In the wake of the lies about Saddam’s nuclear weapons and Assad gassing his own people, public trust on the government has evaporated, so a simply declaration that thus and such a nation is now “the enemy” carries little if any weight. Too many times have we heard dire warnings of non-existant nuclear weapons. Too many times have we been shown the evil face of “Al Qaeda” only to have the mask slip and reveal CIA, or Mossad. A new staged attack like the Gleitiz Incident, the Reichstagg Fire, or 9-11 is likely to backfire (like the official story about the Boston bombing), given the general awareness among the population that those events were staged by their respective governments to trick the populace into war.

Something new is needed; something the public may not be expecting. Something unprecidented in history. Something that will directly impact every single living American directly, to make them all directly feel the threat, to fan the flames of war and conquest against the designated enemies, including Iran, against Russia and China to protect the weakening US dollar’s role as the global banking and trade currency against the rising Ruble and Yuan.

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