Another Florida Wal Mart Mysteriously Closes Tied To China’s Secret Wal Mart Bunker Data Centers – Secret Translation: Jade Helm Means ‘God’s Hand’

Thursday, June 4, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline
June 3, 2015

“For there was a deadly activity in the entire city, very heavy was God’s hand there.” 1 Samuel 5-11

With another Wal Mart store in Florida suddenly mysteriously closing as shared in the 1st video below from Dahboo7 from Underground World News, we also learn that Wal Mart has built two extremely secretive data centers in Colorado and Missouri, one nicknamed ‘Area 71’ or ‘the Bunker’, built into bedrock and surrounded by a wall of Earth and able to withstand a Category 5 hurricane or a plane crashed into it. Meanwhile, a Steve Quayle reader sends out a dire warning: Wal Mart is owned by the Chinese and there will be another 900 stores systematically closing down. Much more on Wal Marts ties to China and why we should be so concerned further below. We also learn in the outstanding 2nd video below, which features one of the best compilation of military convoy’s across America that we’ve seen in one video, that a secret translation of Jade Helm has a historical Biblical meaning going back centuries: ‘God’s Hand’.

Wal Mart’s connections to the US Military are being exposed more every day via alternative media stories and we take a closer look at the Colorado Wal Mart data center, which is located in Colorado Springs on Federal Drive where within miles we also find the US Air Force Academy, NORTHCOM’s Cheyenne Mountain headquarters and the Denver International Airport only 60 miles away. The impregnable Wal Mart data center ‘bunker’ in Missouri, only 15 miles away from Wal Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, is so secretive that they forced a county tax assessor to sign a non-disclosure agreement. From a 2006 story from the Joplin Globe.:

JANE, Mo. – Call it Area 71.

Behind a fence topped with razor wire just off U.S. Highway 71 is a bunker of a building that Wal-Mart considers so secret that it won’t even let the county assessor inside without a nondisclosure agreement.

The 125,000-square-foot building, tucked behind a new Wal-Mart Supercenter, is only a stone’s throw from the Arkansas line and about 15 miles from corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

There is nothing about the building to give even a hint that Wal-Mart owns it.

Despite the glimpses through the fence of manicured grass and carefully placed trees, the overall impression is that this is a secure site that could withstand just about anything. Earth is packed against the sides. The green roof – meant, perhaps, to blend into the surrounding Ozarks hills – bristles with dish antennas. On one of the heavy steel gates at the guardhouse is a notice that visitors must use the intercom for assistance. What the building houses is a mystery.

Wal-Mart’s ability to crunch numbers is a favorite of conspiracy theorists, and its data centers are the corporate counterpart to Area 51 at Groom Lake in the state of Nevada. According to one consumer activist, Katherine Albrecht, even the wildest conspiracy buff might be surprised at just how much Wal-Mart knows about its customers – and how much more it would like to know.

According to a 2004 New York Times article, had enough storage capacity to contain twice the amount of all the information available on the Internet. For the technically minded, the exact amount was for 460 terabytes of data. The prefix tera comes from the Greek word for monster, and a terabyte is a trillion bytes, the basic unit of computer storage.

A Globe request for information about the Jane data center was referred at Wal-Mart headquarters to Carrie Thum, a senior information officer and former lobbyist for the retailer.

“This is not something that we discuss publicly,” Thum said. “We have no comment. And that’s off the record.”

We know even less about the data center in Colorado, only that it’s bringing a ton of cash to Colorado Springs and it’s ringed by a wrought iron fence and guard shack to keep unwanted visitors away. The half a billion dollar investment that it’ll pour into the community over a decade has bought the local officials loyalty and silence. Wal Mart customers are clearly not allowed inside this location that’s only an hour away from DIA.

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