Do the TIPP and TPP Treaties Signal the Rise of the One World Government?

Monday, April 27, 2015
By Paul Martin

Jay Johnson

In his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins pulls back the curtain to reveal how exactly the globalization machinery works. The signing of the TTIP and TPP treaties create the framework for a one world government.

Gone are the days of freedom and democracy as the American oligarchy have created the conditions for the rise of worldwide corporatocracy.

According to some academics, the world is in the third stage of globalization. In a lecture presented at Auburn University, the first stage of globalization was the discovery and subsequent colonization of foreign lands, mostly by Europeans in the 1400s and continuing forward. The second stage occurred somewhere after the invention of the steam engine and the railroads. The third stage began after the marriage of cheap computers and public internet, somewhere in the mid 1990s. With this in mind, as globalization has progressed, a similar trend has been occurring simultaneously in the political/business world.

As people slowly changed from recognizing and fighting for local principalities, to the rise of the nation state and now to the supranational state via the creation of monetary unions like the EU or military blocs, such as NATO, the net effect is that borders have been destroyed and once distinct cultures have merged or are merging.

Everything everywhere is slowing becoming homogenized and standardized. Want to watch the new Avengers movie? It’s coming soon to a movie theater to you! (in a language you speak) Thirsty? Have a Coke! (it’s sold in the same standardized units worldwide) Need some military training or weapons? America can provide the best trainers or weapons money can buy.

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