WHAT WILL IT TAKE?…” United States of America has suffered a soft coup d’état”

Friday, February 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

Ms. RoseAnn Salanitri
February 12, 2015

With the realization that the United States of America has suffered a soft coup d’état, comes the question: what will it take? What will it take to restore the Constitutional Republic that once protected our god-given rights from liars, despots, and traitors?

The second question is: if not now, when?
Do we wait until our open borders have allowed in our enemies and suicide bombers are around every corner?
Do we wait until our military is so downgraded that our local police are better equipped to control us than our military is equipped to handle an invasion?
Do we wait until morally reprehensible countries dictate morals and policies to us through the UN?
Do we wait until our means of communication through the internet is government controlled?
Do we wait until our children are evangelized into ungodly religions by Uncle Sam?
Do we wait until they are good little lackies who have been dumbed down and eroticized by an invasive and deplorable government-run education system that calls good “evil” and evil “good?”
Do we wait until these government indoctrinated kids won’t hesitate a moment to turn in their own parents if they dare to teach the truth?

Think it can’t happen? Neither did the Germans living in the 1930s. For good reason, these questions have been a source of conversation for many and the cause of untold sleepless nights for god-fearing patriots.

America, before we can defend against the above atrocities, as well as many others that have not been listed, first we must face the truth. We have suffered a soft coup d’état. And in order to restore what we have lost, we must launch a counter-coup while it is still day. After much research on effective counter-coups, I have come to the realization that there is no easy answer, no easy formula, no easy remedy that will result in escorting all traitors from their ivory towers and charging them with high treason as they deserve. The soft coup d’état that has rendered our Constitution ineffective has been aided by the combination of the completion of the 45 Goals of the Communists Party, Saul Alinksy’s tactics, and globalists’ agendas that have controlled our media as well as commandeered and circumvented our Constitution through treaties and sweet-sounding illusions. All of these things were meant to destroy the land of the free and turn us into mindless serfs without hope and devoid of vision, completely loyal to the UN instead of America. If the truth be told, it is the nation that is under God that stands in the way of the New World Order, so America must fall if these plans devised by the power-crazed are to succeed. How distraught they all must be that we are still standing, in spite of all their long term crafty collusions.

As in games of sports, a good defense will only go so far and usually will not win any games unless it is accompanied by a good offense. While good defenses take heart, good offenses take strategy. America still has plenty of heart and plenty of patriots who will not worship at the feet of the usurper in the White House or his dominions. Many loyal Americans crave restoration, but America lacks strategy and the leadership required to bring the strategy to fruition.

This begs another question: where are our military leaders? The airwaves are filled with retired military personnel excoriating the Obama regime, but as far as we know, those still in the ranks remain silent. We can only hope that the situation is different behind closed doors. If they choose to remain silent while our country is being systematically destroyed, then they are just as guilty as those who actively plot against us. It is these men and women who have taken a sacred oath to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. They are the ones we entrusted to protect America. Now this nation needs them to step up to the plate and honor that oath. Should they decide to go the coward’s route, if they are Christian or Jew, they have not only betrayed us, they have betrayed the God they supposedly worship.

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