How Martial Law Will Be Used to Force American Participation In World War III

Friday, February 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
13 Feb.,2015

American is presently riding the crest of emotion with regard to supporting President Obama’s declaration of war upon ISIS for the murder of humanitarian, Kayla Mueller. As I pointed out in yesterday’s article, avenging Kayla Mueller is not the goal, it is the excuse. When has foreign policy ever been about one person? And why does Obama need three years to pursue ISIS when it should only take 3 days given the fact that they assets are fully exposed to American air superiority without a counter measure. No, this operation is about putting American boots on the ground in Syria in that short and medium range missile batters can be installed which will keep the Russians from intervening when America invades Iran. America desperately needs to invade Iran in order to force them to stop undermining the Federal Reserve’s Petrodollar because Iran is selling its oil for gold. This is not about Kayla, this war is about the Federal Reserve’s continued existence.

America Is War Weary

America was sick of the Iraqi war and our people are tired of the Afghan war. It will not take long for the emotion over the death of Kayla to subside until we are sick of “pursuing ISIS”.

In large part, America may be largely a nation of sheep, but this country will not accept the sacrifice it will require of the American people to fully support a world war. For when Assad is unseated as Syria’s ruler. Make no mistake about it, Putin and his allies will acting decisively. For example:

China could move on Taiwan

Russia could attack Ukraine and Eastern Europe

North Korea could attack South Korea

Any of these actions, and more, will quickly put the American people in the midst of a largely unanticipated all-out war that was unanticipated by the public. The American people are war weary and will not make this sacrifice willingly. Therefore, compliance and unquestionable obedience must be exacted. And how will this be done? This will be accomplished , ultimately, through the control of food and labor. Of course, with all war efforts (e.g. Civil War, World I and World War II), dissidents will be negated by removal or worse under the National Defense Authorization Act.

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