New Gov’t Programs Threaten to Confiscate Savings

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Damon Geller

In his latest State of the Union address, Obama shocked Congress with his proposal to tax college savings plans to pay for his new programs. His proposal is nothing more than confiscation-through-taxation, and it comes on the heels of a number of alarming government programs to confiscate citizen savings & retirement. The United States and governments across the globe are increasingly turning to private wealth confiscation in order to manage their massive debts and maintain their power structure. Throughout America, police seize cash from innocent citizens without ever charging them with a crime. Bankers conspire with the IRS to seize the accounts of innocent citizens with no notification, no court order, and no charge of crimes. The IMF proposes global wealth confiscation as a means of funding bankrupt governments. And Congress passes controversial new laws to make your savings & retirement a prime target for confiscation. So if you want to protect your hard-earned savings, the time to act is NOW!

The U.S. Gov’t Is Going Bankrupt

Desperate government officials will always resort to expropriation, be it through excessive taxation, inflation, debt accumulation, deficits, or outright confiscation. With the Federal Reserve currently buying 90% of the U.S. Treasury market (and going insolvent doing so), who do you think the government will lean on to finance the debt when the Fed runs out of ammo? The answer is YOU. In fact, the U.S. government has made several highly controversial moves to make your savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation! They’re using legislation and authoritarian power in collusion with the modern financial system to gain access to your private assets in the name of “protection”, “security” or “national emergency.” But in reality, your savings & wealth are being targeted as a revenue source.

Obama Wants Your Savings & Retirement

In back-to-back State of The Union addresses, Obama announced new initiatives aimed at getting to your savings & retirement money. Obama’s latest proposal is to tax citizens’ college savings plans to pay for new programs, such as making the first two years of community college free. So hard-working Americans will now have a portion of their children’s college savings confiscated through new taxation. This comes right on the heels of Obama’s previous initiative: the MyRA. MyRA means your retirement money will now be used to pay for U.S. debt. The MyRA is nothing more than an investment scam being sold to the American people as a you-can’t-lose, zero-risk investment. But in reality, the Fed can’t conjure up money from thin air to buy the debt anymore, and our foreign friends don’t want our debt anymore, so Obama needs YOU to finance the debt.

FATCA Gives the IRS Worldwide Power

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