Think Greece is in a mess? Wait till the UK’s debt mountain explodes in our face

Sunday, February 1, 2015
By Paul Martin

1 February 2015

Would we cope with misery as well as the Greeks? If our great fat cushion of state-backed jobs, welfare payments, tax credits and easy loans were whipped away one morning, how would we get on?

I think we would do very badly. In Greece, the suddenly poor and destitute turned to their strong extended families.

And if those families had not taken them in and supported them, there would have been nothing else. Fortunately, they did.

This country doesn’t have strong extended families any more. In many cases, it doesn’t really have families at all.

In too many places, it has gangs instead. And those that survive are weakest just where they would be needed most in a crisis – among the poor.
This country lives on the edge of serious disorder. The misnamed ‘riots’ of August 2011 were nothing of the kind.

They had no political pretext, no wider aim. I suspect many thought of joining in, but didn’t quite.

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2 Responses to “Think Greece is in a mess? Wait till the UK’s debt mountain explodes in our face”

  1. Most americans do not want to hear anything bad or own up to their problems and debt. This plays right into the hands of the government who wants you to believe everything is fine, under control. You will not hear the truth from government or media. America is 18 Trillion dollars in debt and growing every day. Private debt is the highest america has ever seen. Partially due to easy credit and government that promotes debt to help wall street. Politicians keep shouting spend, spend, spend, if you don’t have any money go borrow it.
    This is the wrong path. It is bad advice from bad, corrupt people driven by greed. Truth is, very hard times are ahead for average people. We need to prepare now. Save, don’t spend. Take your money out of the rigged stock market, it is a ponzi scheme. Wall street is very corrupt and big money criminals now control the government.
    Wake up america!

  2. Well Said, Frank!!


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