Sunday, December 28, 2014
By Paul Martin

What we are seeing in the United States right now is nothing less than a concerted Marxist campaign to subvert our entire social order. This Marxist campaign is first led and directed by the traitor Obama, fully supported by Eric Holder, Valarie Jarret, as well as the two race baiting lapdogs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The sole purpose of all comments made by the above clowns relating to race relations in the USA has been to trigger a race and class based civil war.

Obama really does think in classic Marxist agitator style. The man is a Marxist; the man thinks like a Marxist; the man acts like a Marxist. The whole point of Obama’s two terms is to install a Marxist dictatorship along the lines of Chile’s Salvador Allende in 1973. The Marxists learned their lessons from the Chilean military and its counter coup. The Obamabot savage attack on conservative political thought; the use of the IRS to crush conservative groups, as well as the ongoing, absolute media control of the “hope and change” mantra show Marxists can indeed be taught new tricks. The ongoing purge of the military by Obama, as well as the definite attempts to create Obama’s version of “The Hitler Youth” show what Obama is really up to. After all, you really didn’t think our very strange First Lady is really interested in school nutrition did you? No, Michelle Obama is most definitely trying to get school children sucked into her “vision.” If you bother to study history, like Doomer Doug does, this Marxist campaign just leaps out at you.

The massive chaos in the USA right now is intentional, deliberate and part of an military level campaign with the simple goal of ending modern America. If you do not get that, dear blog reader, then you are going to be crushed as the chaos increases in 2015. The chaos filling the news media today: the storming of malls, the transport disruption efforts, along with the so called “peaceful demonstrations” are not going away. They are going to become a permanent fixture of American life as 2015 starts. This mass effort is part of a targeted effort to disrupt American life in order to get “racial justice.” It is directly tied into Marxist efforts to subvert capitalism, disrupt daily life, as well as trigger Militant Islamic efforts to pay back the “Great Satan.”

Ferguson has unleashed the genie from the bottle. The genie will not be stuffed back inside as these types of incidents will become commonplace in 2015. In fact, they are now part of the newly created, chaotic atmosphere giving free reign to the hatred and contempt minorities really feel towards their “white oppressors,” and its “corrupt, unjust, racist, system at all levels.” I consider these social disruption level attacks to be “lone wolf” style attacks now openly plotted on social media. They represent long standing frustration, a strong sense of entitlement; finally, the kind of brutal violence the minority and anarchy groups are capable of.

We should get used to this ongoing campaign of social anarchy. It is now permanently loosely linked to vague goals of “getting social justice,” or “no justice and no peace actions.” This style of direct action may very well turn into unrestricted military style attacks like the two dead police in New York City. If so, we will see a directed military response, either “officially,” or in unsanctioned death squads going after any groups thought to be behind the attacks. Everybody pretty much hates everybody else in the USA of late 2014; everybody pretty much will do whatever they think they need to do to get “justice.” We are also dealing with one simple fact. The USA is the first nation in history where the people are well armed enough to take out the political system if they care to.

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