The Coming Collapse Of The Dollar, And A Time For War

Saturday, December 27, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Ken Jorgustin
December 26, 2014

Are the elites that ‘crazy’?

The way I see the ‘bigger picture’ of the coming inevitable United States dollar hegemony collapse, while Russia (the West’s new ‘bad guy’) will not back down from the escalating brinksmanship of economic and currency warfare:

Have you been wondering why the United States has been making a recent enemy of Russia?

In my opinion we are witnessing an Empire end-time struggle of the U.S. dollar hegemony over the world – the result of which may become the end of the dollar as we know it and grave financial pain for the American citizen, or even worse, World War 3.

You’ve probably seen or heard the word ‘hegemony’ before. But what is hegemony? Hegemony is the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others. We are seeing before our eyes – the most critical clash of our time – the increasingly desperate attempts to sustain global dollar hegemony and dominance. What you need to know is that this ongoing battle is coming closer to a tipping point. The dollar is going to collapse. One day.

You better do what you can to understand what’s really going on – to see through the propaganda and misinformation – and to prepare and protect yourself from the results of a global chess game and perhaps soon to be ‘checkmate’.

You’ve heard that desperate people do desperate things, but will we (the pawns) be led to major war while the protected elite call the shots? There is a looming collapse of the dollar and it will be caused by losing it’s reserve currency status. When the ‘currency war’ fails, the elites in desperation will lead us to the next major world war – which might even go nuclear. Why? Because the U.S. is not ‘playing’ with an Iraq this time. This time it’s playing with Russia, a major nuclear power with a strong military, in alliance with China. This time it’s different…

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  1. Wall street greed and corruption is destroying america and our middle class way of life, and it’s about to get much worse. Good luck everybody.


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