Global systemic crisis 2015 – Oil, currencies, finance, societies, the Middle East : Massive storm in the Western port!…”2015 will show the complete collapse of the Western world”

Friday, December 19, 2014
By Paul Martin
December 15, 2014

For almost two years, by combining various points of view (speculative, geopolitical, technological, economic, strategic and monetary…), we have continued to anticipate a major crisis in the entire oil sector.

Today, no one doubts the fact that we are actually at that point, and the GEAB must therefore anticipate the consequences of this veritable atomic bomb, which has begun to blow up all the old system’s pillars: everything which we have known, international currencies, financial markets, the US, the Western alliance, world governance, democracy, etc.

« Global systemic crisis: the end of the West we have known since 1945 »

Here, we would like to look back on a historic GEAB anticipation, that of Franck Biancheri in February 2006, which announced the beginning of the global systemic crisis under the title “the end of the West we have known since 1945” (1). It will have taken nine years for this Western world to collapse (or seven years, if we begin the process with the 2008 subprime crisis, as one should really do)… During these nine years, the GEAB has worked to educate on the crisis, with the avowed aim of raising all the existing solutions to exit it as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Apparently, outside the work carried out by the BRICS which, also anticipated by the GEAB, got through a huge task to lay down the foundations of tomorrow’s world, the Western world, meanwhile, has made some positive efforts here and there, signs of which we detect in some places. But at the end of 2014, and after the huge destabilization caused by the crash of Euro-Russian relations in the Ukrainian crisis, our team is struggling to put forward a positive scenario for the coming year.

2015 will show the complete collapse of the Western world we have known since 1945. It will be a gigantic hurricane, which will blow and rock the whole planet, but the breach points are to be found in the “Western Port”, which hasn’t been a port for a long time but, as will be clearly shown in 2015, has been in the eye of the storm in fact, as we have repeatedly said since 2006. Whilst some boats will try to head offshore, the Ukrainian crisis has had the effect of bringing some of them back to port and firmly re-mooring them there. Unfortunately, it’s the port itself which is rocking the boats and it’s those with the strongest moorings which will break up first. Of course, we are thinking of Europe first and foremost, but more so Israel, the financial markets and world governance.

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