Gerald Celente: “Falling Off The Cliff” – The Elite Are Preparing, Are You?

Thursday, December 18, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
December 18, 2014

In the first video below we hear Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente explain why we are “falling off the cliff” and why “Price wars” are the number one trend for 2015, as he joins John Stadtmiller on National Intel Report. Supply and demand is the initial topic and the more the global demand decreases, the closer to the cliff we all get.

Celente pulls no punches as he describes what we are seeing and what the 2015 trends are going to be.

In the second video from SGTReport we see three new signs that economic collapse is in progress right now and in the third one by TRUTH FED we see why America has gone insane, taking us from a trot toward that cliff into a gallup, full speed ahead.

While the MSM is telling Americans the economy is improving, we see headlines telling us that the price of beef hits another all-time high and that food shortages are going to begin on January 1st and it is only going to get worse. It is especially noteworthy that these food shortages and rising prices have been going on around the country for quite a while and the MSM is only reporting it now because they can no longer hide it. Eye witness accounts have been documented relentlessly for over a year, yet the MSM is just getting around to acknowledging what is happening.

It appears the elite are preparing for whatever chaos or event is about to happen, most believing it will be an economic collapse, but are you preparing?


One Response to “Gerald Celente: “Falling Off The Cliff” – The Elite Are Preparing, Are You?”

  1. We are amazed that people are still gambling their pensions, 401K’s and life savings in the huge ponzi scheme known as the stock market.
    The fed is wall street’s puppet, doing whatever is in their best interest. Huge government bailouts are in the future again. Greed and corruption is destroying america and most people are looking the other way.


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