Saudi Arabia, China, and yes Russia engineered the collapsing oil prices.

Monday, December 15, 2014
By Paul Martin
December 15th, 2014

This may be hard for some to comprehend, but it is the exact same tactic that the United States used against the Russians prior to their collapse in the 90’s, and all fits together pretty nicely if you think about it for a few minutes.

My theory and intuition tell me that this collapse has been engineered by Saudi Arabia and China who have not only recently constructed one of the worlds largest oil refineries on earth, but have been in very close talks as of late. In fact one might find it interesting to know that the Saudi’s have done a far better job of entertaining the Chinese as of late, than the Americans.

I think this is a power struggle like none other, and like the extreme amount of time it took to destroy Libya, the years spent trying to destroy Syria, and the failed take over of the Ukraine which is teetering on collapse, U.S. world strategies haven’t gone so well as of late. Even a somewhat staged shoot down of an airline that shouldn’t have been where it was supposed to be, didn’t go as planned. The idea of backing al-qaeda in Syria backfired, and it has taken valuable time to regroup, and rebrand in order to rally the troops once again for another assault. Snowden and the NSA revelations didn’t help, especially with undercover types all over the world, not to mention that even if the Stupid american populace doesn’t care while taking selfies, foreign nations took notice that they were being spied upon, even if you were an “ally”! The idea of attacking Iran has now become a pipe dream and in all of that lost time, China has become the number one economy of the world.

So, why would you attack oil prices. Well because the fragile U.S. economy has been playing the game of inflation, it has to have inflation in order to survive it’s debt load, and while some say that it may hurt Russia, Russia only has a tiny little 200 billion dollars in debt, and with the Chinese (worlds largest economy) signing deals right before oil was crushed with Russia, wink wink nod nod, and China backing the Russian debt, as well as new deals between Russia and Turkey, a NATO ally recently signed. I would agree, that the economy may be rough in Russia, but it is nothing they cannot survive. The same cannot be said about the Ukraine which dangles by a thread, and is on the verge of being the next launching ground for a proxy war between nations. One that the Russians will fight with their full military on the ground miles from target, and the U.S. will try to fight with a collapsing Europe, and their bankrupt military stationed around the world.

Why else attack the U.S. oil industry? Because the world’s reserve currency which only accounts for about 1/3 of the world’s foreign currency being circulated and quickly loosing shares is directly connected to oil. It is indeed the petro dollar, and it is time to light this paper tiger drenched in it’s connection to the petro dollar.

This is also the reason that the Congress just gave away the last little bit of an illusion of sovereignty away whenever it signed the latest spending bill which promised the banks on wall street endless amounts of printed money in the event of a derivatives collapse which they see coming shortly.

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