Washington’s Master Plan: World Conquest. “Madness Defines US Policy”

Saturday, December 13, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Stephen Lendman
Global Research
December 13, 2014

Hitler’s master plan included removing all internal opposition. Genocide. Ethnic cleansing.

Exterminating or enslaving inferior people. Considered non-Ayrans subhumans (Untermenschen).

Sought Lebensraum (living space). Aryanizing Europe and beyond. Establishing New Order dominance over conquered lands.

Run by convenient stooges. Making Germany the preeminent world power. Master race rulers.

Washington’s master plan is similar. Tyranny masquerading as democracy. Governing extrajudicially.

State terror as official policy. Naked aggression its main expression. Globalized war.

One party rule. Republicans no different from Democrats on issues mattering most.

Controlled by monied interests. Bankers topping the pecking order. Police state apparatus control. Waging war on freedom. Institutionalizing repression.

Big Brother watching everyone. Tolerating no internal opposition. Eliminating it entirely. Forcefully.

Running the world’s largest gulag. At home and abroad. Concentration camps. Filled with political prisoners. Society’s unwanteds.

Torture as an expression of power. Instrument of control. Punishment. Coercion. Deterrence.

Using workers as serfs. Eliminating social justice entirely. Transferring wealth from ordinary people to monied interests.

Eliminating all sovereign independent governments. By political means or brute force.

Including destabilization. Overt and covert. Propaganda wars. Financial/economic ones. Hot ones. Coups. Assassinations.

Installing puppet rule. Convenient stooges. Subservient to Washington.

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