What Will Happen First, Impeachment Or A Military Coup?

Thursday, December 11, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
11 Dec, 2014

If Congress allows President Obama to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for two more years, the following will be an accurate depiction of the opportunities that we are leaving our children.

Obama has let our enemies, in Russia, isolate America, erode and destroy the petrodollar, form military alliances with our neighbors in Latin America and Obama is allowing the fragmentation of our alliances within NATO (e.g. Turkey and Germany). From a national security standpoint, America has never been more vulnerable.

Obama’s conduct in the White House makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. Never before in American history have we had a president, all at the same time, use the IRS to harass his enemies, spy on and harass the media, be complicit in the political assassination of an ambassador, allow his Attorney General to run guns to the drug cartel in Mexico (i.e. Fast and Furious), totally open our borders to a completely form of unrestrained illegal immigration, provide illegal immigrants with free healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, provide the same population with access to social security benefits and other social services paid for without tax dollars. I could go on, but you get the idea. This President has not done one thing to improve the plight of one American citizen who is not a member of the elite power structure. However, this President has done much to weaken our country and make it vulnerable to invasion (i.e. firing over 260 command military officers including our entire nuclear weapons command structure). THIS COUNTRY CANNOT TAKE TWO MORE YEARS OF OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY. HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!

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One Response to “What Will Happen First, Impeachment Or A Military Coup?”

  1. Dave we already had a military coup and the NeoCon officers that were aligned with the Rothschild and the Zionist were purged. As anyone should be able to clearly see Israel no longer rules in Washington and Netanyahu is now persona non-grata.
    Obama was forced to change and align to the Pentagon policies. This is why the Syrian government was not overthrown, no big war was started as the NeoCons and Israel were pushing and an oil deal is about to be cut with Iran that will change the Petro Dollar status and push aside the Rothschild Saudi Arabia.
    Much more could be said but this cover the highlights.


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