Tuesday, December 9, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Tom DeWeese
December 9, 2014

Same lying tactics being used across the nation

Recently Americans were shocked by the surfacing of video clearly revealing the blatant arrogance of White House Medical Consultant Jonathon Gruber as he described how Obamacare proponents were able to lie to the American people to get the law passed. “Lack of transparency,” he smugly stated, “is a huge political advantage.” Gruber went on to pound his chest over the “very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter. “Stupid,” was his favorite word.

The fact is, what Americans actually witnessed in those videos is the way the insiders actually talk to each other behind closed doors and how they really regard the American people. This is their attitude as they force a complete agenda down our throats to radically change the American system. And when they get caught with their pants on fire, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi look at reporters with deadpan faces, saying, “I don’t know who that guy is.” And these deliberate deceptions are not just connected to the passing of Obamacare.

A blatant case in point is our nationwide fight to stop Agenda 21. We opponents aren’t fortunate enough to have such revealing, dramatic video to instantly shock Americans awake. But we do have a whole lot of evidence to prove the same tactics are being employed, all the while, the proponents deny it even exists. Agenda 21? Never heard of it! Just a conspiracy theory! Wanna bet?

The facts clearly show that no one was denying Agenda 21 and its goals until after we made it a national issue. Just follow the bouncing ball:

1. On the American Policy Center’s website, (, readers can see a CSPAN video from September, 1992, recording the official business in the US House of Representatives. This particular session was held just after the UN’s Earth Summit ended. It clearly shows Rep. Nancy Pelosi introduced House Concurrent Resolution #353, which called for the “United States to take a strong leadership role on implementing decisions made at the UN Earth Summit, including Agenda 21, through domestic and foreign policy.” She went on to call Agenda 21 a “blue print,” and a “comprehensive strategy.” She also said her Resolution had 71 co-sponsors and was supported by Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that had been represented at the Earth Summit.

Apparently in September of 1992, Agenda 21 was considered a “blueprint” for the future, at least in our nation’s main governmental body.

2. In 1994, the American Planning Association (APA) issued an article in one of its Newsletters entitled “How Sustainable is Our Planning?” The APA is considered one of the nation’s most respected planning groups. Almost every city uses its policy guide book to make planning decisions and as it’s been around for several decades, the APA doesn’t openly have any ties to the United Nations.

Yet, this APA article, published just two years after the UN’s Earth Summit openly discusses the origins of Sustainable Development coming from the UN’s Bruntland Report entitled “Our Common Future.” The report was produced by the UN’s Commission on Global Governance (but the APA article doesn’t call it that).

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