America’s Epitaph: The U.S. Will Soon Stand Alone vs. the Nations of the World…(Must Read!!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
09 Dec, 2014

This article represents the beginning of the end of the United States. Many who will read this article will find themselves in agreement, at least initially, because the developments which serve to threaten the future existence of the United States because the events are well-documented. However, many will reach a saturation point and will close their computer screen and write an angry response and accuse the author of “fearmongering”. I would rather be labeled a fearmonger than be correct about the developments contained in this article. Americans need to deal realistically with the real reasons why America is about to be run over, both economically and militarily by Putin and his new found friends across the globe. I cannot shake the feeling that this is America’s epitaph and no amount of my own personal cognitive dissonance will convince me otherwise.

The Russo-Chinese Energy Deals

The haughtiness of the West as they impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine is almost laughable. The sanctions are a boomerang in disguise and will come back at us to destroy the American economy which will lead to World War III.

At the heart of the American economy and the Petrodollar is energy and Russia and China just cemented an agreement where they do not need the dollar. The Russia –China $400 billion energy deal, signed in May this year will by 2018 have some 38 billion cubic meters of gas flow through the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ pipeline from the largest gas producer, Russia, to the largest energy user, China. This deal is many things at once: It is, of course a symbolic step in the process of decoupling hydrocarbon trading from the dollar, as it foresees payments in local currencies, rubles and yuan. It sidesteps the Petrodollar for hydrocarbon trading. Over one-third of the planet just moved away from the dollar when this recent deal was cemented.

As if the Russian-Chinese energy deal is not bad enough, the BRICS are driving a stake into the American economy as they have set up a new development and investment bank for all of the BRICS countries. The banks will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, with the first president of the bank will be from India. The BRICS nations, of course, are a group of emerging economies and draws its name from the five member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS is also considering starting a joint infrastructure fund with an initial capital infusion of around $100 billion to begin investing in each other’s transportation, water and sewage systems.

Turkey’s Gas Deal with Russia Is a Strategic Game-Changer

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  1. Gregory Withrow

    Once again A conflict with the United States and the One World Order or New World order or whatever they call it as how can you fight a World War if you’re one Entity….The United States has heavily funded the United Nations and the scheme of a United World as all that’s come of it is a World HELL bent on our Destruction….I guess when they get done with this Country we will be an Islamic Third World Chinese speaking Tattered Mess as Islam alone is going to when over Christianity as the fastest growing religion and the Chinese already own us per our Debt…I guess when you’ve become a Lazy, Ignorant, Passive people the vultures just wait for the right moment as our Enemies have gotten smart and know its just a matter of time until we’re sucked dry…


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