Ferguson Update 11/29/14 #2‏

Sunday, November 30, 2014
By Paul Martin

In Re: Ferguson/St. Louis Civil Disorder #2 update, this date

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This afternoon, I interviewed (my friend since 1994) Mr. Sam Andrews, Tactical Commander, of the Oath Keepers, Ferguson Team. Last night 11/28 & early this AM there were confrontations between the St. Louis County Police and the Oath Keepers. The police were citing the Oath Keepers as being in violation of St. Louis County Watchmen License ordinances. Mr. Andrews correctly responded that those license ordinances apply only to paid watchmen/guards, not volunteers.

Be Advised: The Oath Keepers are not a bunch of shoot-from-the-hip cowboys. They have legal counsel and comply with the legal advice of their attorney to stay within the rule of law.

This past Wednesday (11/26), local police were advised in private briefings that the police (i.e. Federal agencies) now consider the Oath Keepers the threat, not the New Black Panthers, the pro-Michael Brown demonstrators, or ISIS. Meanwhile, the Oath Keepers and cops on the street are talking over hot cups of coffee at 2:00 A.M. getting their photos taken together, nodding and giving each other “thumbs up” when passing of the street. Word has spread throughout the Ferguson business community that the Oath Keepers have protected black owned businesses when the MO National Guard and St. Louis County Police could not/would not.

Oath Keepers went on-duty Monday afternoon in Ferguson. In their A.O. (Area of Operations) no property was damaged, burned down, or looted. The local cops tell Oath Keepers that all this anti Oath Keeper propaganda is coming from Federal sources.

The Oath Keepers will be on-duty tonight in Ferguson. They have every expectation of continuing their friendly, cordial, interaction with all local and state police officers. They have changed their tactics to ramp-down the apparent level of discomfort of various police officials when they were on the roof of one of the properties they are protecting.

This PM the St. Louis Post Dispatch was calling the Oath Keepers a “mysterious organization”. A claim which befuddles their members who have public meetings and whose membership includes Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Caucasians.

Early this afternoon, I confirmed (through a private source) what I have suspected since last August. Namely that the daily telephone interaction between MO Governor Nixon and the White House has involved Ms. Valerie Jarrett not the POTUS.

In the past 48 hours, a (mostly black) Baptist church in Ferguson, burned down. The intell I’m getting is that Federal agencies are (without a shred of evidence) blaming “white supremists” for this crime. This reminds me of the D.C. sniper matter which had several thousand police officers frantically searching for “an angry, middle-aged, white man in a full-size white cargo van” while a very black John Muhammad was riding around in his Chevy Caprice shooting innocents.

A note to the FBI:

I wish no harm the the FBI tactical team working in Ferguson, so I won’t comment publicly on the details of the multiple tactical mistakes your (obviously) rookie tactical team has made in Ferguson. These mistakes being compounded by the juvenile attempts to convince men (more than qualified to be instructors at the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico VA) that what they saw, was not what they saw. C’mon guys, these aren’t soccer moms. OK, I know they tell you at Quantico that you’re the elite of the elite. A quick reality check: Be advised: The tactical leaders of the Oath Keepers have skill sets and real-world tactical experience exceeding those of nearly everyone in the FBI (even the instructors at Quantico).

This matter continues to go directions I haven’t anticipated, but come as no great surprise.

A note to you Marxists/Communists/Muslims:

1.) There are far more of us than you.

2.) We are the good guys.

3.) You’re going to loose.

Standing by,

John Moore

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