Guest Post: A Rant – What I Learned From Ferguson

Thursday, November 27, 2014
By Paul Martin

A ‘pull no punches’ Rant…

by Hope@ZeroKelvin via The Burning Platform blog

1. Several generations of liberal progressive policies RE the black community have created a critical mass of impoverished, illiterate and perpetually aggrieved black folks that can be ginned up and pointed at the enemies of the Regime – or just let loose to wreak havoc/chaos on anybody unlucky enough to be in their way. Please note that Ferguson and all the other big protests last night were in BLUE cities/counties.

2. This liberal progressive brainwashing has affected whites as well RE the whole “white privilege” narrative and the idea that violence of the “oppressed” (=nonwhite) against the “oppressor” (= always white, heterosexual, Judeo-Christrians) is justifiable payback in some cosmic sense. This is nonsense spewed by the liberal progressive moonbats like the man-boobed metrosexual Chris Hays of MSNBC and watching him scurry away when he heard gunfire coming from his “comrades in arms” was an image I shall treasure for years.

3. When the uniforms go away, the thugs come out to play. Sorry, but the National Guard should have come down hard on the looters/arsonists, ie, shoot to kill, tear gas, the whole nine yards. There are clearly people in this world that care nothing for “justice”, the rule of law or civilized society. They can’t be reasoned with, or bargained with and they don’t feel pity or remorse. They don’t even care for the stuff they loot – they just want to watch the world burn. Better to get them out of the gene pool sooner rather than later. This principle applies to the chaos that has been unleashed upon the world with America’s military withdrawal from it, but that is a post for another day.

4. There are good people of all races/creeds/colors/whatever that want to just live and let live. Seek out those people, give them a voice, cherish them. Or, as we say in the prepper community – prep, train and form teams.

5. Now that the economic heart of the Ferguson community has been burned to the ground, we will likely see yet another self serving black politician like Maxine Waters (Watts riots) come to power promising all kinds of rainbow pooping unicorn lollipop goodies while Ferguson morphs into Detroit.

6. If you are a business owner close to a large mass of illiterate, impoverished and perpetually aggrieved people – tough shit. You are clearly on your own in a riot as the police/fire will not come to protect/help you.

Here’s a thought: When black people riot they burn down their own neighborhoods. When white people riot, they burn down entire continents.

7. Our preezy, the AG and most of the MSM are actively engaged in a race/civilizational war against white/Judeo-Christian/heterosexuals, aka Western Civilization. I can think of no other reason for Obama to speak this way in the midst of this chaos, embrace Al Sharpton as his go-to man on race, put up Loretta Lynch as the new AG, and the rest of the clapping-seal-stay-on-script MSM to act as enablers and cheerleaders to this madness. Personally, I don’t want my country to look like Mogadishu or Detroit but things are certainly headed that way.

8. Events in Ferguson are a great cover to avoid talking about the holocaust that has consumed so many black lives, a holocaust of crime, illegitimacy, poverty and dysfunction that can be laid solely and completely at the feet of those supporters of The Great Society. Racism? You bet. The soft racism of diminished expectations, no demands for accountability and lack of personal responsibility for a person solely based on the color of their skin. See also: Marion Barry (good riddance to bad rubbish).

9. Given the well coordinated nature of these multiple demonstrations after the grand jury, there is clearly a “Fifth Column” of commie rat bastards intent on the destruction the USA and the Rule of Law, using race (and black people as cannon fodder) as cover. Sadly, many of these scumbags are either part of the or actively supported by them. Worse, these douchebags infest most of our elite universities, able to poison the minds of millions of young people. (Why do you think Obama has spoken almost exclusively to handpicked audiences of university students since about 2010?) If these people are not exposed and stopped, we are looking at a potential Reign of Terror here, a la the French Revolution. Google the commie “reporter” asking questions of Jay Nixon during his pre-verdict news confab.

10. Embrace the Doom. The (FU) USA is a powder keg into which the Obama Admin and the libtard proglodytes are throwing as many sparks as possible. Toss in a pinch of radical Islam and it’s gonna be Epic. In their hubris and their insanity, they truly believe they can burn it all down and build something better. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be bargained with and they will not stop until the advocates of Western Civilization are all metaphorically and literally dead.

The battle lines have been drawn, the battle space prep is complete, are you ready?

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