How ‘Fair Labor’ Laws Are Destroying a Family Vineyard and Your Right to Volunteer…”Here, we have another precedent-setting case of tyranny.”

Saturday, September 27, 2014
By Paul Martin

Did you know that it’s illegal for you to volunteer at a friend’s business to learn new skills?

Eric Blair
Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another unprecedented ‘government is taking your rights and renting them back to you’ event is upon us. And this one has tentacles that dive deep into the bowels of how the global elite are attempting to redefine rights as responsibilities to the state.

Since the beginning of time, people, often children, eagerly traded their labor for knowledge and experience. This is how real skills are typically passed on even today. But because involuntary slave labor occurs in extreme cases, governments seem to be broadly outlawing unpaid labor including volunteering, internships, free apprenticeships and even children’s chores. Heck, NCAA athletes are riding this “fair and equal” wave too.

This is the Totalitarian Tip-Toe follow-up story that I’ve been promising since my last one on
private police in California went viral.

Here, we have another precedent-setting case of tyranny. It is more subtle and less violent than the prospect of private military contractors raiding Americans, but it’s gangster governance nonetheless and it received almost no media coverage.

The unnerving story I’m referring to is the Department of Industrial Relations (yes, that’s a real thing) in California putting a mom-and-pop winery out of business for employing volunteers. The Westover Vineyards , who make only $11,000 a year in net profits, is being fined $115,000 for the supposed crime of using unpaid labor while teaching wine making to friends. Is anyone surprised this bizarre attempt to protect children and ensure fair wages doubles as a revenue generator for the state?

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