US Aggression Drags World into Age of Global Anarchy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
By Paul Martin

Allied with barbaric regional regimes who gestated “Islamic State,” Washington’s attack on Syria sets dangerous new precedent.

Tony Cartalucci
September 24, 2014

Without a UN mandate or even a cohesive narrative, the United States and its regional allies have begun unilaterally bombing targets in Syria. Together with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar – the very sponsors of extremists groups fighting inside of Syria, including the Islamic State, its offshoot al Nusra, and other Al Qaeda aligned factions – the US has opened a new chapter on global anarchy.

Unlike other campaigns of naked military conquest, the US appears to have foregone the facade of UN approval, moral or legal justification, and has instead applied a scatter-shot strategy of proposing multiple pretexts for its aggression – all equally implausible, many contradictory – hoping at least one will stick.

After much hand-wringing and complaining about Russia’s actions in Ukraine – citing the violation of “international norms” and international law, the US has itself has clearly violated all the rules it has hypocritically held the rest of the world to under threat of sanctions, subversion, and outright military force. Without so much as a fig leaf of legality or legitimacy, and with criminal regimes as its partners, the US has committed the ultimate act of undermining the so-called “international order” it itself poses as creator of and arbiter over.

Such reckless abandonment and unprecedented illegitimacy signifies that this “international order” may have already collapsed. Just as Adolf Hitler abandoned the facade of “national defense” in his conquest of Europe, the United States has now dispensed with international consensus and international “rule of law” in its pursuit of global hegemony.

What unfolds next will be a zero sum contest between the West’s naked imperial conquest and those caught up in its path. The time for appealing to international law is over as America drags the world into yet another dark age of global anarchy.

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