Preparing for the Phoenix Rising: The Start of World War III

Saturday, September 13, 2014
By Paul Martin
Saturday, September 13, 2014

While everybody is cheering on the decision for airstrikes in Syria against ISIS…

About this time last year the Obama regime tried to propagandize a massive chemical weapons attack that killed ~1,400, blamed on Assad, to move our troops into Syria (though we know the chemical attack was actually carried out by the West-funded, Saudi/Qatari-created “Syrian Rebels” as a false flag to bolster support of invading a sovereign country who just so happened to decide they won’t trade natural resources with the petrodollar any longer). Though his sinister, and idiotic plan backfired, and he wasn’t able to get the support needed to invade Syria at the time, the Middle East conflagration point is still Syria and with this “new name, same game” faction group called ISIS (of which which Doug Hagmann exhaustively exposed the CIA backing of) it seems the ignorant majority of the US and Western European citizens are finally ready to support this war. If you stumbled upon this and are content in believing everything the corporate controlled media (Fox, CNN, BBC, CBS, etc) and corrupt puppet-politicians say then you are probably already shocked by a couple claims I have made. I want to strongly recommend you follow these quick briefings:

The Geopolitics of World War III: Very clear and short presentation on the history of the petrodollar, why Syria and Ukraine, and what lies immediately, inevitably ahead of us.

The Rest…HERE

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