Under Siege: An Analysis of America’s Burgeoning Police State, and the Solution

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
By Paul Martin

by Timothy A. Pope
America the Battlefield
September 10, 2014

For quite some time I have been contemplating what went down in Ferguson, Missouri, waiting until the media storm fanning the flames of crisis died down, and weighing how to put my thoughts into words coherently.

Ockham’s Razor, the ancient Latin principle of problem-solving, states that among competing hypotheses—in the absence of certainty—the one with the fewest assumptions should be adopted. The fewer assumptions that are made, the better.

This principle was the progenitor of the modern-day “common sense test” that grandma taught you, the capacity for critical analysis and cognitive reasoning, which have been swindled from the current generation by the deliberate dumbing-down of America.

With that said, the scientific method compels us to follow the facts where they lead, to adopt the theory which has the most proof, and to discard theories which are contradicted by the facts. This ability to connect the dots used to be inherent for the average American. Putting the puzzle pieces together to form the bigger picture was once lauded as an indispensable step toward the recognition of the truth. Asking questions and challenging hypotheses for a deeper and more credible understanding was once encouraged.

However, the scope of the revelations that keep progressively being unveiled to the public consciousness are sowing the seeds of confusion and disorientation. The “big picture” has become elusive and incomprehensible to the average person.

The law in the United States has been twisted and undermined to the point of being unrecognizable from its original Magna Carta/Common Law foundation. And it has been done predominantly by the very institutions charged with preserving it. Today, instead of being a shield to defend our Creator-endowed constitutionally-protected rights, the law has been turned into a sword to subjugate the People.

It was done in Rome. It was done in the Ottoman Empire, Germany, the Soviet Union, and it is now being done here in the USSA. All of this preparation and roll out—all of this Sovietization of American life—is merely a preview of America’s burgeoning police state.

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