Why You Absolutely Must Bug Out When The Grid Goes Down

Sunday, July 27, 2014
By Paul Martin

July 27th, 2014

Every day when you wake up you are one day closer to the power grid going down and life as we know it changes forever. It is no longer a matter of “if” but “when”. Everyday our aging power grid infrastructure comes closer to catastrophic failure. Modernize isn’t happening fast enough. Everyday we are at greater risk for a cyber attack that could cripple the grid. Nature can wreck havoc with the grid also, something we have no control over. A solar flare could literally fry power lines. Physical attacks on power stations are another real possibility such as the one that occurred in April 2013 near San Jose CA. These are just a few of the many events that could cause us to lose power.

We have all lost power at one time or another, usually weather related or some local event. It may have been for an hour or several days or even weeks. We can usually get by in the short term. Break out the candles and lanterns, fire up the generator to keep the fridge going and life goes on. But as we have seen in aftermath of storms knocking out power for a week or more, people start to get a little frazzled and on edge. People’s patience wears thin when the power company hasn’t yet restored their electricity. They don’t like standing in line for limited supplies of gas for their generator. They get tired of unprepared neighbors asking to borrow candles and batteries. Now imagine a widespread power outage that lasts for not a few hours or days but weeks or months. Imagine everything that is tied to electricity failing. No ATM’s, no lights, no refrigeration, no gas pumps, no TV, no internet, no cell phones. Backup generators for businesses and services that need to keep running would eventually stop working. The list could go on and on. How would you survive?

In this scenario life would quickly descend into chaos. Even your normally quiet suburban neighborhoods would become a danger zone. If you have a generator and plenty of gas do you really want to be the only one on the block with the lights on? Life on the street would not be safe after dark. Widespread looting would be the norm, gangs would take the city block by block taking what ever they wanted. Life in any major city is not where you want to be in a grid down situation.

The question every prepper wonders about is when to bug out? If you know the grid is down and won’t be coming back up anytime soon then you absolutely must make the decision to bug out. And when I say bug out I really mean relocate because you probably won’t be coming back. There is nothing wrong with being prepared to bug in for a few days or a week but at some point you will realize you are no longer safe. In this scenario you should be bugging out to a safe secure location outside of major cities. A place you can be self sufficient and off the grid. While this is a major goal and dream for many preppers it does take a lot of thought, preparation and expense. Grabbing your bug out bag to go live in the woods probably won’t cut it. You can begin to prepare by planning for a grid down situation. Keep your vehicle fueled, have cash on hand for when ATM’s stop working, have portable communication to monitor news. Plan on how quickly you can bug out and make your way out of the city.

Someday, maybe not tomorrow or the next day but there will be a grid down scenario in your future. Now is the time to plan for life without electricity.

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