Independence Day: Should We Celebrate the Resounding Failure of This Government to Represent our Founders Principals?

Friday, July 4, 2014
By Paul Martin

by: Roger Landry
July 4, 2014

Look around you … No I mean REALLY look around you, and you will see the collapse of a Republic via the mechanisms of a representative government wrought with corruption, cronyism, greed, complicity and (theatrical) infighting. This is resulting in the slow but inevitable awakening of We The People, regardless of our political affiliation or mindset, to this painful reality.

A historically large majority of Americans today no longer trust any of the triad of governance we depend on to lead this country (see attached article below). And this is not a Democrat or Republican issue as this fall from grace has been long in coming. To blame one or the other merely plays into the hands of those who wish us distracted and divided. But to not see the marked acceleration of this process since the dawn of the twenty-first century and the shift into overdrive in the last six years is to pose a blind eye to absolute reality.

A serious look at the shift in policy and conscience of this government during the stated period reveals the constant erosion of our unalienable rights, our precious freedoms, our standard of living, our respect in the global community and more. This all culminates in a country devoid of self respect.

Today we suffer the following (a partial list):

The mutation of unalienable rights into granted privileges within limitations defined by this government. A few quick examples … Government designated Free Speech Zones, yea that’s freedom of speech (chuckle) … Constant spying on US citizens, but hey, if you are doing nothing wrong, don’t worry … This government’s self-appointed power to allow or negate your right to due process (indefinite detention), etc…

A gridlocked or complicit Congress unable or unwilling (via corruption, cronyism) to grab the reins on the runaway spending, leading this country to inevitable and total financial collapse.

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