X22 Report:Companies Dumping The Dollar For Renminbi As The Trading Currency Of Choice; Renminbi Payments Have Increased 327% All Over The World!

Saturday, June 7, 2014
By Paul Martin

The unemployment stays steady at 6.3%. Most of the jobs added are low paying jobs. These jobs are replacing the high paying jobs. US corporations are starting to dump the dollar and they are now using the renminbi for trading. Renminbi payments have increased 327% all over the world. States are now starting to dump common core. Donetsk is now calling for aid to help those who have been struck down by Ukrainian forces. France is having trouble proving Assad used chlorine chemical weapons on his own people so they are getting help from the US. The US is now going to provide lethal and non-lethal aid to the paid mercenaries. They are now training the paid mercenaries for specific missions. Be prepared for and event to occur soon.

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