New FireChat App Could Stop Feds from Controlling the Web

Saturday, June 7, 2014
By Paul Martin

Joshua Cook

June 6, 2014

With the use of mesh networks, Internet users could create their own networks, bypassing government-controlled or government-spied on ones.

A startup called Open Garden is looking to use people’s own cellular phones.

According to Forbes, over the last two years, five million people have downloaded the company’s free Android app Open Garden to create wireless hotspots, and its FireChat app for iPhones and Droids to chat anonymously with other users “off the grid.”

The FireChat app isn’t perfect, but what’s tantalizing about both services is that they need no WiFi connection or carrier plan to get connected. Just another person with the app, within a 70-meter radius, reported Forbes.

A “mesh network” refers to the creation of a peer-to-peer “mesh” of smartphones that form their own separate network. If at least one smartphone is online, the rest of the network can not only talk to one another, but connect to the web too.

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