Monday, May 26, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Paul McGuire
May 26, 2014

Newsweek/Newspeak ran a cover story, “The Plots to Destroy America,” about the danger of conspiracy theories and why government agents should use “cognitive infiltration” to infiltrate social media. The article argued that people who question the official story about current events are dangerous “extremists” and that they are guilty of what amounts to what author George Orwell called “Thought Crime” in his dystopian novel 1984.

In Orwell’s 1984 the purpose of “Newspeak” was to create a language that would enable a totalitarian state by making it virtually impossible for people to think. Freedom of speech, thought, and a free media are the primary threats to all totalitarian states. In every totalitarian state a specific vocabulary is created in order to prevent freedom of thought, speech, and the media. Terms like political correctness, “extremist,” and “conspiracy theory” are nothing more than ploys to control thought by those who have been brought under cult-like subjection to totalitarianism.

The Newsweek/Newspeak article accused anyone who held a view or opinion different from the official dogma of a corporate controlled media (owned by just six corporations) of being a very dangerous extremist. It is an irony that many of the self-appointed “Thought Police” in the media and academia who decry the religious dogma of the Catholic or Protestant churches are the zealots of the new religion of political correctness. It is these same zealots who are leading an inquisition against anyone who dares to question their religion. You can be sure that the zealots of the religion of political correctness have their own religious hierarchy where they have placed themselves as the enforcers of the Oligarchy.

It is an irony that the philosophical ideas of the Free Speech Movement that began at Berkeley University in the 1960s have given rise to an intellectual fascism that will in time transcend the authoritarianism of the Third Reich. The celebrated author, Thomas Pynchon would be labeled a dangerous extremist for his views in Gravity’s Rainbow and other books.

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