Is Martial Law Coming Soon?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
By Paul Martin

APRIL 29, 2014

A number of recent events have given rise to the question of whether the United States is heading towards martial law, sometime in the near future. We are seeing an increased militarization of police forces across the land, as well as more and more police excesses, as those militarized forces flex their muscles in the direction of the citizens they are supposedly sworn to protect.

The Bundy ranch is only the most recent of these excesses. Probably the most infamous of them is the way that police forces dealt with the Boston Marathon Bombing. In the aftermath of that atrocity, police instituted what was essentially martial law on their own authority. Citizens were forced to remain in their homes until police showed up. As the police reached each home in their house-to-house search, they would kick the family out and make them stand on the street. They also confiscated firearms, even those that were legally owned.

None of this did a thing to help capture the bombers, who were eventually captured due to an alert citizen calling the police and telling them that they saw someone who looked like one of the bombers hiding in their neighbor’s backyard. This raised the question; were the police justified in their actions?
Technically, the police acted within the confines of the law. Recent changes to the law allow police and federal agents much more latitude in how they deal with the citizenry. In a sense, they are no longer responsible to the people who pay their salaries; rather serving the “higher cause” of the “greater good.” In other words, if they can state they are acting to protect society at large, then they can get away with a lot.

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