Banker Liars, New Currency, Fatal Errors, Psycho War

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
By Paul Martin

By: Jim Willie CB
Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A global clash of nations is underway in full gear. The storm is picking up speed, power, intensity, and damaging force. Many are the swirls of the current situation. A hodgepodge of topics have been caught and trapped, best to discharge on paper, the effect like a wondrous enema. The banker lies grow thicker, as they are unable to so easily deceive anymore. The potential currency fix appears more imminent, as the solution seen as an assault on American interests (military angle). Any nation getting off the US Wagon Train is a rogue nation, the theme having become tired and ineffective. The fatal errors committed by the US economists and banker elite have finally resulted in clear signs of systemic failure. The psychological warfare is like a gigantic fog, as people’s defenses are being challenged, even those based in fantasy and convenience. The world is undergoing change, the nightmare continues, while the Paradigm Shift moves into the fast lane by expedience. Entire swaths of wealth are being waterlogged, tainted, and ruined. The USDollar has been stuck in the corner for three years, finally pushed into the corner crack, sure to fall below the matt, where below lies a spittoon. The Hat Trick Letter informs and warns the public, converts the disheartened and confused among us, edifies clients, and provides forecasts like signposts to guide in the increasing fascist darkness. At the same time, it seems to drive families crazy, since when attempting to admonish and caution, the efforts are often seen as uncomfortable overturning of the temple tables (business and mental). So be it. Forewarned is forearmed, but many prefer their delusions and homes built upon false assumptions. The Jackass prefers reality accountable to the flow of events and verified facts, where actions can be taken in defense of livelihood and even life savings. The clash of worlds must be reported and properly understood.

Newly appointed USFed Chair Janet Yellen has wasted no time in her stream of lies. The crime syndicate headquarters talks of tapering the bond monetization volume. As preface, be sure to know that unsterilized bond purchases, introduction of newly printed money without drainage in similar volume steps, has been considered the ultimate heretical practice for decades by the Economist Schools. It is called the greatest monetary sin, but now is blessed as a solution, perhaps no longer temporary. The Yellen Fed talks repeatedly about poor economic conditions, about weak bank structures, about punky labor markets, but also about improving something or other, while it speaks lies in great strokes. The financial circles applaud, while the business community languishes. They talk of reductions in the QE volumes, but they use back doors and proxies, hardly out of view. Yellen moved to the U6 jobless rate index, shoving the deceptive Clinton U3 jobless rate in the toilet. The USFed now has employed the Belgian bank as the new Caribbean offshore site. Its USTreasury Bond holdings are moving toward the $200 billion level. Recall this little turd on the economic table has no surplus and barely has an economy at all outside the finance sector. It operates as a parliament center and commission home office for pedafiles. The other deceptive tools used by the Yellen Fed are the same as those used by the Bernanke Fed, the powerful interest rate swap derivative. It produces leveraged phony demand without buyers, thus creates bond rallies out of thin air. Several banker murders were done to conceal the London Whale losses, estimated over $100 billion in the derivatives market. The story remains suppressed.

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