Austerity and the “Economic Destabilization Agenda”. Impoverishing America’s Middle Class

Monday, April 7, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research
April 07, 2014

The destabilization agenda currently driving US foreign policy to target and attack any national government that resists American Empire imperialism is also driving current US domestic policy to attack the 99% that represent the middle and lower socioeconomic classes of America. The disappearing middle class has been under attack for awhile, and as a result, is in free fall implosion swelling the fast growing ranks of a disenfranchised underclass. There appears to be an all out global assault on the struggling working class poor.

April 1st marked the largest welfare cuts ever in Britain. Draconian laws the world over are causing billions of humans to suffer. Austerity measures that have been taking effect in Europe have already arrived in America too. Cuts to social welfare, social services and public assistance programs designed to be a safety net for the needy and poor are being systematically chipped away.

Every month the official government spin churns out crunched false numbers of unemployment rates hovering between 5-10% (and currently stalled at 6.7%) over the last recession-ridden decade. What is purposely left out are all the hapless Americans who after years of futility have given up looking for work, merging with generations of the chronically unemployed in the destitute urban areas of America where there are no jobs.

The truer estimate of Americans either under employed or without jobs includes all working age Americans employed less than full time hours who desire full time jobs as well as both those who recently lost jobs and are receiving unemployment compensation as well as the even larger number of Americans without jobs who have given up and stopped looking. That total is an estimated near 30 million people or about 25% of the US working age population. To reverse this seemingly unavoidable growing trend of more and more people chronically out of work, the volume of new jobs filled must exceed this mounting underclass of the unemployed. The so called growth in the job market that the Obama administration likes to tout as tangible progress in economic recovery is but a scam when the truth includes this surging chronic jobless population.

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