Wednesday, March 19, 2014
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
March 18, 2014

n the picture above, Valerie Jarrett looks healthy, professional, poised and dignified. She has spent the better portion of her life projecting this image. This is not the typical ”hit piece” on the President’s chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett. This article does not attempt to demean Obama by denigrating someone who is close to him. This article represents what should have been done well before the moment Valerie Jarrett ever set foot in the White House. The fundamental question posed by this article is: “Is Valerie Jarrett loyal to the United States of America, or, is she plotting to compromise the future of this country in her position as the President’s most trusted advisor?” Repeatedly, we have heard the mantra that Valerie Jarrett controls the Presidency. Therefore, whomsoever controls Jarrett, controls the Presidency to a very large extent. With Russian troops on our soil and the specter of war with Russia in our immediate future, it would be very prudent to know much, much more about Valerie Jarrett and whose purposes she really serves.

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