Monkey You

Monday, March 17, 2014
By Paul Martin

Monday, 17 March 2014

What if I were to tell you not owning gold or silver makes you a monkey – a silly monkey to global elitists and their ilk. Would you believe me? Would you be mad at me? I hope so, as this is exactly what I intended. Because you should be mad, not at me for attempting to awaken you to the need for owning gold and silver; but at the so called ‘powers-that-be’, the plutocrats, bankers, bureaucrats, and politicians (the establishment), the ones that do everything in their power to dissuade you from owning precious metals. (i.e. because they can’t tax what they can’t see.) And no I am not a conspiracy theorist – I am a realist – I simply look at the evidence. But again, those who do not, and laughingly fall back into the comfort of the attitude precious metals investors are a bunch of ‘nutty conspiracy theory types’, are equally funny monkey types to the discerning mind, either an idiot or establishment lap-dog if you will.

Have I gone too far – basically insinuating people are dumb monkeys for not seeing the need to own gold and silver, and for trusting establishment types? In this regard I sincerely hope that you are pushed outside of your naive comfort zone, which by the nature of the task requires some provocative prodding in order to get the blood boiling, but please understand I am not the one insulting you – I am not the one attempting to make a monkey out of you at all – ‘they’ are – they are the ones that think you are dumb monkeys who will do what you are told – what you are conditioned to do like the monkeys in a ‘control experiment’ – not me. I am simply attempting to awaken you to this reality – because it won’t go away by ignoring it or making believe it doesn’t exist – believe it or not. So don’t shoot the messenger – please.

So, what’s all the fuss about gold and silver? And why should you own them. Obviously I am speaking to the novice in the ‘financial survival game’ here, and not the veterans out there, so keep this in mind; however, it doesn’t hurt to hear this again no matter where you are in the spectrum, especially if accented with an update of where we are in the larger cycle (process) of the precious metals bull market. The fuss about gold and silver then, in basic terms, is it’s protection from the vulgarities (think rising prices, wealth confiscation, and lower living standards) associated with currency debasement the Anglo / American establishment depends on to maintain power, where we are now drawing ever-so-close to the end game. Why should you own gold and silver then? Answer: To exit the present bankrupt / over-indebted financial system that is close to implosion caused by it’s own critical mass. (i.e. to protect your wealth.)

What’s more, it’s not a matter of if the Anglo / American (Western) system will end one day, but when, because they all do, especially one so indebted to bubble economics. The only other question is what will prick the bubble? Will it be attributed to excesses directly associated with the Fed or China in the history books; or perhaps Valdir Putin, because although the West would like to make believe he (and Russia, the periphery, etc.) is not a destabilizing force capable of doing so, unfortunately this is not the case. Only time will answer this question of course, not that it should matter to you, meaning taking care of yourself because neither the state nor establishment will. (i.e. you are viewed as assets to be taxed by these types.) And this should matter to you because it’s happening in real time – right now – where one should endeavor to protect hard earned wealth in tangible and enduring money before it’s to late – not fluffy currencies that are manufactured from thin air on a bureaucrat’s (think banker) whim. And again, this is where gold comes in, as it’s ‘the’ ancient monetary metal that has been with us for thousands of years; and, as Antal Fekete would tell us, the ultimate extinguisher of debt, essentially beyond the reach of the establishment. (i.e. although its price can be manipulated at times.)

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