Canadian TV: “Breaking news… a confirmed leak” — Workers: Container of nuclear material “dropped and broke open” — Commander: “We have a leak, I’ve got to go” — Wife: My husband’s quarantined — Hours later: “To the best of our knowledge, there’s no leak” (VIDEO)

Friday, March 14, 2014
By Paul Martin
March 14th, 2014

CTV transcript, Mar. 13, 2014: Breaking news […] Halifax Fire telling CTV just a few minutes ago that radiation levels around the container are higher than normal […] Again, a potentially dangerous situation […] There is a confirmed leak. Hazmat teams are on the scene. Radiation levels are higher than they should be.

Chronicle Herald, Mar. 14, 2014: Emergency crews were on high alert Thursday night as it was feared a container of nuclear material was leaking aboard a ship at Halifax’s north-end Ceres terminal. […] “We have a leak, I’ve got to go,” Halifax Fire and Emergency Service Division Commander Corey Beals said […] Later, the Halifax Fire Department confirmed that four cylinders containing uranium hexafluoride fell from a container, but there was no leak […] There were also reports that the Halifax Harbour Master had been alerted that there was a ship in the harbour leaking radioactive material. […] The wife of a worker at the Ceres terminal tweeted late Thursday night that her husband was on scene when the container fell and that he has been quarantined. […] Uranium hexafluoride that contacts water or moisture in the air will decompose to form a cloud of toxic fumes. If a container carrying the chemical were to leak, it could prove fatal.

CBC, Mar. 14, 2014: Emergency crews continue to monitor a Halifax terminal as they wait for radioactive-material experts to arrive after a potentially dangerous substance fell while being moved off a cargo ship on Thursday night. […] levels four times higher than background […]

Canadian Press, Mar. 14, 2014: Corey Beals of the Halifax Fire Department says he has few details, but confirms firefighters are dealing with “some sort of radiological leak.” Beals says the leak is coming from a container aboard a ship […] Two workers among a group leaving the container terminal said they were sent home early and were scanned for radiation […]

Global News, Mar. 14, 2014: […] workers reported a container carrying radioactive materials had been dropped and broke open.

Phil McNulty, public information officer: It was just an indication it was higher than normal […] The safety redundancies built in for the transportation of nuclear materials are unbelievable […] If this wasn’t done properly, we wouldn’t be singing the song we’re singing now.

CBC, Mar. 14, 2014: “To the best of our knowledge, there is no leak” [said McNulty] “There’s radiation everywhere all the time.” […] But Calvin Whidden [VP of] the company that operates the terminal, said they weren’t taking any chances. “So we shut the terminal completely down and sent everybody home until the experts get here with the proper equipment to determine whether there is actually a leak or not,” he said. […] For now, McNulty says there is no risk to the public.

Chronicle Herald, Mar. 14, 2014: The cylinders [were to be] delivered to South Carolina

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