“Deflation,” and Why You Must Own Precious Metals – Now!

Friday, March 14, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Andrew Hoffman
Friday, 14 March 2014

It’s Friday morning, and the prospect of the “sum of all fears” is creeping into the global consciousness. In other words, the “realization of reality” is – slowly but surely – taking hold, which is why, at the moment, even unprecedented doses of money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda are not working. Despite such efforts, global equity markets are plunging, precious metals are surging, and a general fear that 2008 was not the end, but the beginning, is relentlessly becoming a part of the public awareness. To understand this sea change in sentiment, which has been fostered by five years of the aforementioned “perception manipulation tools,” all one needs to do is view the headlines on the top MSM lackey, Yahoo! Finance; particularly today, as gold homes in on $1,400/oz.

This weekend could be a particularly troubling one, given that not only are the odds of a significant military confrontation in the Ukraine sky high, but Sunday’s Crimean referendum will likely result in a vote of confidence for Russian occupation. Such a result will not be tolerated by the U.S.-led Western bloc, which will certainly claim the election was fixed; and equally ominously, it appears Russia is equally interested in “annexing” the rest of Ukraine. John Kerry unabashedly claimed such offensives will not be tolerated; going so far as promising “serious steps” on Monday if the Crimean referendum passes. To that end, we cannot be more vehement in our warnings of how strategically important the Crimean peninsula is to America’s “cold war” posturing; and thus, as we wrote in “This is Why We Do What We Do,” we strongly warn you to consider the ramifications of escalating Ukrainian tensions in the coming weeks – or perhaps, days.

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