E-Bomb: The Electronic Weapon That Can Make a Plane “Disappear” *Videos*

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
March 11th, 2014

Over a dozen nations have now mobilized search teams for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The mysterious disappearance has left investigators all over the world wondering what could have happened. This is a huge investigation, as evidenced by the fact that China has re-tasked ten satellites to search for the wreckage, suggesting that the People’s Republic really wants to get to the bottom of what happened here.

There is no debris to be found. The black box, which is supposed to be indestructible in a large explosion and should broadcast a homing signal for up to 30 days, has gone dark. Moreover, INTERPOL is looking into several passengers who boarded the plane using false passports, and whose tickets were reportedly purchased by an unknown Iranian benefactor.

Several theories have emerged as to what could have caused the flight to “vanish” out of thin air. None of them are, as of yet, conclusive.

We can probably rule out a mid-air explosion, because something like that would likely have left instruments operational for long enough that readings would have been transmitted back to flight controllers. Likewise, there would be a fairly wide debris field had such an explosion occurred at such a high altitude.

Terrorism has not been ruled out, but traditional methods, including a hi-jacking, seem unlikely (remember those reinforced cockpit doors?).

It is certainly possible that search teams are just looking in the wrong place and the plane could be found in coming hours or days.

However, as noted by Mike Adams, the idea of an advanced military weapon of some sort is certainly within the realm of possibility. We know our Defense Department, as well as the militaries of other countries, are always hard at work developing new war-making technologies.

One such advanced weapons system has come to public light in recent years and as recently as two days prior to the disappearance of flight 370 Senator Ted Cruz mentioned it in a followup to his CPAC speech:

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