Sunday, February 23, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Thomas R. Horn
February 23, 2014

Before we discuss the science behind transhumanism (a “scientific” goal that merely repackages eugenics’ drive to “create a better human”), let’s briefly look at Gen Y.

Simply put, Gen Y children are “millennial babies,” or the grandchildren of baby boomers. Boomer children are often referred to as “Generation X,” so the “Y” babies are those born to the “X” children. Perhaps not coincidentally, X and Ychromosomes determine infant gender, a concept that has become deliberately blurred during the years since World War II. Respectively, XY and XX no longer define male or female. Transgendered individuals, or even those who simply choose to identify with a particular “sex” option, have convinced many schools, workplaces, and even politicians to protect their “choices.” A child born as an XY male may choose to “identify” as a girl—even going so far as to join girls’ basketball teams and shower in the girls’ facility. God’s design for distinct male and female roles has been corrupted into “fifty shades of gray.”

Generation Y is sometimes called “the echo boom,” as it is the largest generation since the postwar boomers. In fact, some statistics list Gen Y as numbering 80 million or more. Beyond this group is Generation Z—or those born after 1995. Today’s media culture is already targeting this generation as rising consumers, customizing advertising to reach gender-neutral, tech-hungry, post-human individuals. Perhaps even more than their parents, Gen Y youth look to genetics to take the next step in human evolution. What is that step? Consider popular culture and the memes Gen Y and Gen Z young people are exposed to every day. Graphic novels, films, television, and video games constantly and consistently teach that mankind is about to “level up.” Young men and women (and those in between) can become werewolves, vampires, super soldiers, and spider men. The old human paradigm of two genders and five senses can be replaced with an infinite number of gender choices (or none at all!) and extra senses that allow the transhuman to hear colors, smell sounds, or tune into the very fabric of space and time. The biblical promise that we will “rise up as eagles” is twisted into promising wings that permit the new human to take physical flight. Generations Y and Z could live forever. At least, that is the lie they are being told.

Cybernetics and synthetic genomes will soon merge into the sexy Cylon of Battlestar Galactica. The post-human will be beautiful, perfect in form, and capable of superhuman feats. And he/she will live forever. “Ye shall be as gods” is the oldest lie, spoken to Adam and Eve by a garden snake long ago, but it is echoing once again in the promises to a generation of lost, unhappy youths. The Antichrist will play upon this inner need for perfection, this constant yearning to become a god. The youth of Hitler’s day believed they would join their leader in the coming thousand years of Aryan rule over the Earth. Is it so far-fetched to say that coming evil one, foreshadowed by Adolf Hitler, will also promise his followers a plum part in his kingdom?

Remember this important fact: The Antichrist will claim to BE CHRIST. He will arrive as a peacemaker—as the answer to all of our worldly problems. It is also quite possible that he will claim to be an enhanced—or “trans”—human. It might be more accurate to call him a “trance” human, for the Antichrist will cast a spell upon today’s youth, luring all those who do not call the true Christ their Savior to take his special Mark. This might be a chip inserted into the body used to track each person’s location, but it may be much more. This Mark of the Beast might actually rewrite DNA.

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