Dysfunctional Politics & Nuclear Armageddon

Thursday, February 13, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Richard Wilcox, PhD.

Our dysfunctional political system is paving the way to our Nuclear Armageddon. OK, it is not “our” political system, it’s “theirs,” and it functions perfectly well for the top 0.01 percent of oligarchs who really run things. But even the filthy rich have children and grandchildren whose DNA may be harmed by the Environmental Armageddon humanity is leaping toward. Nominally, we the people are represented by our governments, but this is not always the case. Governments are really Corporations and Corporations are run by Banks, and their Sinister Financial Formulae put Profits before Sheeple.

If we had democracy there could be no doubt that public pressure would have already forced the phase out of nuclear power and a program of renewable energy to be adopted as quickly as possible. In fact, our problems are not technical but political, and relate to a maldistribution of power and wealth in the world. The existing economic system does not prioritize human welfare and environmental preservation, but Ponzi scam financial swindles based on derivatives, high frequency computerized trading and naked short selling of stocks. The new movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” described as “nauseating, pornographic and soul-crushing” tells it all (Duke, 2014).

Things are getting worse, much worse and fast. Anti-nuclear hero Harvey Wasserman coined the slogan “No Nukes” back in the heyday. Wasserman’s encyclopedic knowledge of nuclear coverups and criminality displayed in a recent article is unparalleled, and profoundly disturbing in its detail (Wasserman, 2014). The Fukushima nuclear disaster was just one of many potential nuclear disasters that is on our not so distant horizon.

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