Embry – People Will Be Terrified When The Sh*t Hits The Fan

Monday, February 10, 2014
By Paul Martin

February 10, 2014

With oil breaking over $100, gold and silver surging and stocks struggling, today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years, and whose business partner is billionaire Eric Sprott, warned King World News that people are going to be “even more terrified when the sh*t hits the fan this time.” John Embry also discussed the implications of the coming chaos for investors around the world in his powerful KWN interview.

Embry: “What I’m looking at now is this whole world economic situation. The powers that be would have you believe that we are in a nascent recovery and it’s going to gain strength. I believe there will be no recovery of any magnitude in the world economy for the simple reason that there is far too much debt….

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