Gold And Silver – NWO “Problem-Reaction” Ploy Stronger Than Fundamentals

Saturday, February 8, 2014
By Paul Martin
February 8, 2014

The fundamentals for gold and silver worsen with each passing week, it seems, yet the
price for gold and silver still languish in down trends. If everything is as precarious
as is depicted in so many other articles citing how PMs are in dire straights, for the
same deteriorating reasons presented with pinpoint numbers, as in reduced stocks of
deliverable metals, increased transfers from West to East, why are gold and silver still
near recent lows for the past two years?

No one has offered answers to such a glaring fundamental discrepancy of excessively
low supply, exceptionally strong demand and totally manipulated price.

We remain of the mind that the elephant in the room that no one sees is the reason why
PMs continue to be held hostage: the all-powerful elites, the New World Order, call
them what you will. There is a seemingly invisible hand directing world affairs in ways
few people can comprehend, and it is that inability to connect the dots that keeps the
elites in power and the remaining people in the dark. This is an over-simplification, but
on point.

The modus operandi of the elites, grandfathered by the House of Rothschild, fathered
by Mayer Amschel Bauer, who adopted the better sounding name “Rothschild,” for the
red sign that used to hang over the entrance of his house. No one has practiced the art
of deception more than the group that sprung from the cunning mind of this man who
understood the power of interest and translated into practice to gain control of the
European governments, and ultimately, the entire Western world.

Fast forward to today with total control of money, via central banks, that dictates to
Western world governments. The elites have unlimited numbers of important heads
of governments, unlimited numbers of agents to do their bidding and create problems
on demand. The Arab Spring, the theft of money from Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, being
the most obvious. How about the ransacking of the United States for the past 100+
years? The US is a hollowed out version of what it once was as a result from control of
the elites.

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