Expect Massive Chaos As Deleveraging Deception Continues

Saturday, February 8, 2014
By Paul Martin

February 8, 2014

Today one of the top economists in the world warned King World News that global chaos will only accelerate as the deleveraging deception continues. This is one of Michael Pento’s, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, most important pieces because he exposes the great lie that is being sold to people by the mainstream media.

By Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies
February 8 (King World News) – Expect Massive Chaos As Deleveraging Deception Continues

I first wrote about the “Deleveraging Deception” back in September of 2010. Unfortunately, those that would have you believe the economy has paid down its excessive debt levels are still at work trying to deceive you. But here is the truth….

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