X22Report- Be Prepared For False Flag Event!! (Video)

Friday, February 7, 2014
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
Friday, February 7, 2014

With the Super Bowl and the upcoming threats against the Sochi Winter Olympics, where all eyes are on potential threats, with the US government along with others publicly highlighting these events as possible terror targets, now there are other “attacks” and potential attacks being highlighted.

We are being told that in April snipers “riddled PG&E’s Metcalf power substation in South San Jose with bullets.”

In other words, all eyes on power grids!!!

Add to that the recent claim that the Syrian Electronic Army is supposedly so sophisticated it has been able to hack into newspapers, Twitter accounts, etc…. and more recently Facebook, Ebay and Paypal, to which I wrote about yesterday saying this IS the false flag to lead up to the main event.

Last but not least we have bank drills occurring with the claim they are “performing a disaster preparedness drill,” on February 15-16 2014.

A sophisticated enough cyber attack could take out the Internet and the power grids and the MSM and US government are making very sure the entire populace is aware of that.

Now we are set for the video below from X22Report who is warning, along with many others that the American people are deliberately being manipulated by these events, by carefully planned tidbits of news, to expect an attack against our power grid, so that the population will expect it when it happens.

Who will be blamed publicly for that?

The cyber attacks will be blamed on the Syrian Electronic Army, so Obama can complete what he attempted, and failed to start months ago when he was so determined to attack Syria.

Remember, the dollar is weakening, worthless now and the illusion of recovery from Obama’s stimulus plan is fading away and without a war to prop the dollar back up, it will collapse sooner rather than later.

Obama needs a war, he needs to be allowed to attack Syria and perhaps Iran, or this collapse will happen on his watch and will forever be associated with his failed policies.

People, this cannot be said enough, everyone needs to now, be warned, be prepared because if words spreads fast and far enough, then faking an attack, a trademark of false flags where a government attacks it’s own people in order to blame someone else to garner support to attack that ‘someone” else in retaliation, then it fails.

When the public is aware and involved, the government cannot succeed in a flase flag attack.

Via the video details:

The debt ceiling debate is not really a debate because the law to increase the debt ceiling goes into effect on Feb 8. New surveillance technology was unveiled, Government officials can watch everyone everywhere. Terrorists threats in Sochi are being released by DHS and they have reported that travelers need to be careful of toothpaste bombs. The SEA hacked Facebook, this is propaganda to push the false flag event forward. Government officials are now concerned about the terrorist attack on the power grid, they believe this is a dry run and this could turn into a widespread terrorist attack. Be prepared.

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